Sunset Bay Hotel Tenerife

Ever since my children were very young myself and my family have been very well looked after at Sunset Bay. Let me just explain “looked after” – sadly I was widowed when my three children were toddlers and babies. It was with my second wife that we started holidaying as a family at Sunset Bay; the children were still very young. Tragically my second wife became very ill and after a few years she also died. During her illness she would have “good weeks” when she wasn’t on treatment and at every opportunity we would try to get away on holiday; mainly to Sunset Bay. At first we went there for the weather however as time went on we found great solace there because of the friendliness and helpfulness, and so visited as often as possible. Other members of my family also joined us and Sunset Bay became the family place to go where we could all be together and support each other. Your staff made sure everyone felt at home, they understood the awful situation we found ourselves in, and tried their best to ensure we enjoyed our breaks at Sunset Bay.

As my children have been growing up, going to university etc., I have often spent many weeks there alone. However I have never felt alone at Sunset Bay as there is always a friendly face to say “hello”, or help you. Also, where possible they have always tried their best to accommodate me, and my family, in requested apartments; this has made life a lot easier – particularly when I have been on my own and/or waiting for the children/family to arrive. I know this is no mean task given the number of requests resort staff must have, and I have really appreciated it.

Most recently the manager of Sunset Bay, Surya Pereyra Krӧll, kindly took the time to see me and he told me about the planned improvements at Sunset Bay. I found it very informative and came away impressed by his management style and his care in maintaining customer focus and customer experience as a whole. Some of the reception staff I have known for a number of years (Rachael, Valerie, Alexandra, Erwin) and they have always offered excellent service, are good at their jobs, and make you feel very welcome. There has been some changes in personnel, as always happens, however Surya has ensured continuation of excellent service by employing Ignacio, Francisco and Suzanna. I have only recently met/had dealings with them however I can honestly say they as well as all the other staff are a credit to Sunset Bay and Diamond as a whole.

It is all of the staff at Sunset Bay that makes the place friendly and homely. The cleaning staff have a tough job, particularly due to the layout and the gradients in and around the resort. However Laya, Yaya, Encarna, Eugenia and all their colleagues do a great job, have a welcoming smile and a “hola” for their guests whenever they meet them. The maintenance team, whom I have from time-to-time had dealings with, are efficient and very customer focussed also.

I have been a Diamond member for 20 years. In between visiting Sunset Bay I have travelled to many countries worldwide from Europe, USA, Canada, Far East, Australasia, and most of the Caribbean, not just with Diamond but with various quality travel companies. I have stayed in many quality hotels and resorts and I often compare the service with the service I receive at Sunset Bay. The difference between Sunset Bay and other places is that it feels homely and friendly rather than “just another hotel”, with a “hotel experience”. I believe the staff at Sunset Bay generate that feeling for customers.

To sum up – if there was a “Team Award” for excellent service I believe the staff at Sunset Bay have earned it and thoroughly deserve it. I think this should be recognised at the highest level.

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