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Tenerife comprises part of Spain's Canary Island archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean along Africa's northwest coast. With a surface area of 2, 034 square kilometers, Tenerife boasts a population of 907, 000 residents: the most populated island not only of the Canary Island chain but of all Spanish islands. Tenerife is also lovingly called the "Island of the Eternal Spring" on account of its steady year-round temperate climate without spikes in heat or cold. The average winter temperature is 18°C (64° F) and 25°C (77° F) in summer.

What do Tenerife vacations have to offer?

  • Tenerife Beaches. Tenerife's many beaches, which are a rainbow of majestic colors, are a magnetic force for many tourists in search of serene, natural beaches, warm weather, and refreshing Atlantic waters. About 11 kilometers of beaches in Tenerife have received the notable Blue Flag designation certifying quality, accessibility, cleanliness, and security.
  • Teide National Park. Tenerife is proud to be home to 43 protected environmental areas. These spaces are home to native vegetation, diverse wildlife, and some of the most spectacular mountainous rock formations in Spain. Teide National Park is the most known for its long historical legacy and for the 3, 718 meter high volcano bearing the same name. The Teide Volcano is one of Spain's highest mountain peaks.
  • Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival has garnered national and worldwide esteem. These celebrations have been declared of Spanish International Tourist Interest and annually unite droves of people who flood the streets of the island to watch festive competitions of street performers, musicians, singers, acting troupes, and bands. After ten days of celebration, the festivities culminate with the crowning of a Carnival queen.
  • Tenerife at Night. Tenerife's nightlife is intense and never ending. Nights on the Canary Islands are best enjoyed in the many pubs and nightclubs found throughout the city centers that keep active until the early morning hours.
  • Canary Island Cuisine. Travelers to Tenerife will have an unforgettable experience trying the best Canary Island dishes, all thoughtfully prepared with fresh, simple ingredients. Fish and seafood are a staple in Canarian gastronomy. However, meat is also cooked as in marinated pork tacos, a traditional food served during celebrations. Typical Tenerife dishes include gofio, made with toasted grains that can be eaten alone as gofio escaldado or as a side dish. Mojos are classic Canarian sauces or marinades that range in spiciness depending on their ingredients, which may include cilantro, parsley, paprika, pepper, etc.

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