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Tenerife is large enough, and popular enough, to warrant two airports, Los Rodeos in the north and Reina Sofia in the south. And there's a very large range of accommodation available. So finding the best places to stay in Tenerife really comes down to your own taste and budget. There's everything on offer from cheap apartments to five star luxury resorts (for apartments or villas check out the range with our online partner,

Around ten million people visit Tenerife's reliably sunshine-drenched shores each year. And while this island was once dominated by beach-perfect package holiday resorts, visitors are now beginning to take an interest in the dramatic volcanic landscape of the interior.

Tenerife's Best Beaches

There's a reason Tenerife's main holiday resorts are on the island's south coast - this is where the beaches are at their most white-sandy-beautiful. If you're here for the beaches and you want to avoid the crowds, some of the best places to stay in Tenerife are El Medáno, on the south-east coast, and Los Gigantes on the western coast.

  • El Medáno has the best natural beaches, but it's also perfectly angled to catch the trade winds. So this is also the best place to stay in Tenerife for surfers, windsurfers and kite surfers. Its a beautiful spot with a two of Tenerife's largest beaches - split in the middle by a volcanic cone. Unfortunately for wind junkies the new developments built to accommodate all the wind-generated visitors have also served to decrease the wind's power somewhat, but this is still a fabulous spot - and now especially good for beginners.
  • Los Gigantes is a much quieter spot at the bottom of giant cliffs (hence the name).

Sun, Sea and Sangria Fun

If you want to join in with the package holidaymaker crowds then the best places to stay on Tenerife are the south-western resort towns of Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas and Costa Adeje.

Within this category, Los Cristianos is best for families, and folks who're not interested in the bar and club nightlife. It's also got excellent access for people who're less able.

Playa de las Americas has done up its image in recent years, but Costa Adeje is where the four and five star resorts can be found.

Highlights of the North

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the island's capital, and the best place to stay on Tenerife if you're looking for art galleries, interesting little museums, grand plazas, botanical gardens, excellent local restaurants and shopping opportunities. Many people just travel through Santa Cruz, but wish they had more time as there's a lot to do here. In addition to cultural activities Santa Cruz also has a few nice beaches. Though not as perfect as those to the island's south:

  • Las Teresitas, with its imported yellow sand, is wide and smooth,
  • and Las Gaviotas, with its black, volcanic sand, is quiet and spectacular.

Puerto de la Cruz is probably the best place to stay on Tenerife if you're looking for the island's own character. It's also ideal for families. It's still a resort town, but being in the north it's much more green and lush.

There's also a large zoo, lovely botanical gardens, a fascinating old port with some interesting shops and a working fishing port, which feeds the local restaurants. There are a lot more Spanish restaurants here and less of the 'egg and chips' of the south coast.

The beaches here have black, volcanic sand and have excellent facilities making it very easy for families.

El Teide

Wherever you decide is the best place to stay on Tenerife try to make time to visit the island's dramatic volcanic heart, El Teide. You can climb it, but you need special permission, or visit the top via cable car. The view is spectacular. The Parque Rural de Anaga is also an exotic landscape worth exploring for yourself.

For a beach holiday

  • Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf is perfect for families and golf lovers. There's masses of activities on offer from kayaking and boating on its own lake to yoga, tennis and much more. Golf is on a choice of two world class courses next door.

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