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We (wife and 2 children aged 4 and 2) stayed at ApartHotel El Duque El Duque between and left on . I'll start by saying this place very nearly got an excellent review from me but for a few little points that knocked it down, none the less, my family and I all had a really good stay here and were very pleased with our holiday - we felt like we got good value for money and I am surprised at the mixed reviews this place gets. What stopped it being excellent - first of all the view from our terrace, which I'll go into. Secondly, lack of air conditioning in the room. Thirdly and perhaps the least problematic, a slight lack of variety in the restaurant at dinner time for children the age mine are. So we arrived and were dropped off by the entrance gate at what I guess in the rear of the complex. We entered and checked in but our room wasn't ready. Pity for me - virtually as we touched down on the plane I became unwell and was seriously suffering when we entered the complex. I sat in the lobby area by a pool table suffering from some sort of fever for around an hour, and shortly after this we checked and our room was ready (fortunately this fever passed after a few days!). We were given instructions on where everything was by the receptionist and were told our apartment was in block D. I quite liked the layout of the blocks, they were a bit like apartments on streets. When we got to our apartment we were delighted with it. Is it up to date? No not exactly but it's modern enough and it was HUGE. Large living area with TV, which had sofas that converted to beds for the children, behind this a kitchenette, a massive bathroom with bath and shower, toilet, sink and even a bidet if you need one! Then a separate adult bedroom. Far better than what we experienced in Majorca the previous year and it actually left us feeling we had been quite badly ripped off the previous year. The living area had a ceiling fan but we were a little concerned about the lack of air conditioning. In honesty, it had little effect, the breeze and temperature meant the room wasn't too hot as long as a door was open and the fan was on. The only issue was coming back at night we found the apartment a little stuffy and hard to sleep in where there had been no way of cooling it in the day. The rooms would be a that little bit more comfortable with air conditioning. The adult beds were 2 singles pushed together, they weren't the most comfortable beds but we were able to sleep ok on them. Secondly, we had an enormous terrace but...

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